MS Ignite Updates on Operations Manager (SCOM)

To help you catch up with Operations Manager related news from Ignite:

Platform Vision & Strategy (6 of 7): What’s New in System Center for Management

  • Great for an all up view across System Center
  • SCOM specific content starts at 32 minutes

Microsoft System Center Operations Manager: Monitoring in a Modern World


  • SCOM agent to run on Nano Server
  • Network monitoring enhancements
  • MP Catalogue improvements
  • Storage Spaces MP for 2012 R2


  • Storage Spaces Direct (new)
  • Azure MP  (new)
  • Scheduled Maintenance Mode  (new)
  • Modern Dashboards using forthcoming SQL MP  (new)
  • LAMP Monitoring  (new)
  • Configuring SCOM to report to Operational Insights/Operations Management Suite
  • SquaredUp HTML dashboards

Building Highly Effective Dashboards in Microsoft System Center Operations Manager


  • Examples of dashboards created by partners
  • Building dashboards with last year’s dashboard widget update
  • Modern dashboards using forthcoming SQL MP that can be used with any computer group  (new)
  • Azure MP  (new)

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