Infront Consulting Group + NetApp = Success

It is amazing what two companies can make happen when they work together.

For a few years we have been working with NetApp and the partnership has helped Infront provide our customers with tailored solutions to modernize their business. The future is unpredictable, and having the opportunity to work with companies like NetApp help us put the best solution forward to our customers.

With increasing adoption of new technologies, IT needs to meet some difficult expectations from the business. Our goal is to help them be agile and meet the breadth of their needs and demands. Work with NetApp has continued to help Infront reach and achieve these goals.

Infront Consulting Group is a global Systems Integrator and four time winner of the Microsoft Partner of the Year out of 500,000 partners. Infront is in the top 1% of Microsoft partners and focuses on datacenter, desktop, cloud and identity infrastructure technologies that support mission critical business applications. Infront is also an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), having developed OPAS, our Orchestrated Patch Automation Solution to automate, orchestrate and validate all of the manual activities around server patch management.

Our NetApp relationship has grown over the last three years. By working with companies like NetApp we have had the ability to provide companies, such as UConn Health, Jabil Circuit, and Royal Holloway University of London the ability to avoid hundreds of thousands in avoidable expenses.

UConn Health is a prime example of the benefits of the Infront and NetApp relationship. UConn came to Infront to have us help them find a way to save $600,000 in software licensing costs. How could UConn make this happen? They wanted to standardize on a Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V environment and needed to migrate off of their VMware virtual machines. But how was that possible without experiencing significant downtime?

While the downtime risk was scary, the potential cost savings outweighed the potential threat. UConn looked at several different VMware-to-Hyper V migration processes and vendors. It had limited time and money to migrate hundreds of VMs and terabytes of data to its new private cloud environment. “We could not afford downtime for many of our clinical systems. All our VMs had to remain up and running during the migration,” said Dass Sinnappen, Network and Systems Services, UConn Health Director of Information Technology.

UConn needed us to create a VMware to Hyper-V migration plans, set up the Hyper-V infrastructure, and implement a rapid and repeatable migration process. This is one area where our NetApp partnership came into play, we were able to leverage NetApp storage technology to quickly shift a workload from VMware to Hyper-V. By using MAT4SHIFT with NetApp, we were able to convert VMs that were as large as 1.2 terabytes in about 30 minutes versus the two to four hours that would have typically taken using other methods.

Learn more about how UConn Health saved $600,000 by switching to Hyper-V here.

Infront Consulting is looking forward to even greater customer success by working with NetApp’s newly announced OnCommand Shift product. OnCommand Shift is the next generation of MAT4Shift and is a fully supported software product with even greater performance and bi-directional VM conversion capability. Read more about OnCommand Shift here.

Migrate VMs of Any Size in Minutes with NetApp OnCommand Shift – by Barry Shilmover, NetApp


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